Eat well, be well, learn well!

Healthy Eating with BrainPOP

You don't need me to tell you that eating healthily brings positive results.

Getting kids able to identify healthy foods, make good choices, and build healthy eating habits at a young age is vital to their food attitude later in life.

But "healthy" doesn't just mean "Eat your greens!".

(though this helps)

It's also about salt and sugar, understanding food additives, different food groups, and portion sizes.

Healthy Eating lesson ideas

Take a look at our Healthy Eating topic in BrainPOP Jr. that joins Annie and Moby at school lunch break.

It covers all the basics of food choice, nutrients, junk food, and how the right food choices and a balanced diet positively effect your body and mood.

Healthy eating.gif

It also links to a great lesson idea called 'Balanced Diet Lesson Plan: Chef Solus’ Build-a-Meal Game'.

Food Groups

If you wanted your class to dig a little deeper into the science of food then hop over to our Food Groups topic.

A great game to play from this topic page is the 'Food groups Spinner'.

Project the spinner up on your white board and invite pupils to come to the front and press the 'Spin' button.

Whichever food group the spinner lands on ask the class to suggest foods that fit into that group. It also comes with a food groups worksheet if you'd like to have them write their answers down.

You could also build your own spinner that adds a 'Junk food' category and ask pupils to say what foods they know (or eat!) that could be junk food!