Self paced learning and BrainPOP

Self paced learning with BrainPOP.png

Some children race ahead of others to complete a task.

Some take more time, perhaps pursuing a more thoughtful route through an activity.

Some children need to review content more than once in order to learn it most effectively.

So instead of forcing students to learn in lockstep with one another, a self paced learning approach can provide an opportunity to proceed at a rhythm that maximises their learning, improves retention, and encourages ownership of their work.

So can BrainPOP be used for self paced learning?

BrainPOP is a safe space for students to work independently - no adverts, no social media, no messaging.

Students are free to explore related topics and activities, in pairs or at home with parents.

As a teacher you proscribe the direction or learning objective but you could let the students decide how many resources they need to work with or how much practice to give themselves.

BrainPOP videos are often the starting task within the content folder that my students are completing from week to week. I find the videos work well with the interactive games and activities my students must complete. I admit, I love hearing the whisper of, “OHHH, a BrainPOP video,” as they open their content folders. I notice my students watch the videos each day as they begin their required tasks, and return to them often as they acquire those skills and concepts.
— Angela Kiser - Self-paced Learning with BrainPOP

Ways to use BrainPOP to encourage self paced learning

Watch the BrainPOP movie more than once

In a learning environment like BrainPOP, students can easily review material more than once. The most typical example would be to watch a BrainPOP movie multiple times. Each watch through will reinforce learning and allow them to discover information they didn’t catch first time around.

Offer up half a dozen movies. Let students watch as many of those movies as they need, in the time frame. Some children will watch a couple of movies and move on to practice. But some will watch all six, and that’s OK too!

Multi part assignments

If you have an individual teacher account you can easily build custom assignments.

You make a lesson path that students need to follow and submit to back to you, perhaps for homework, your termly topic, or project based learning.

You could refrain from setting a due date to leave the lesson open ended, but a deadline is no bad thing. The student can finish any part of the assignment at any point as long as they submit by deadline.

TOP TIP: Run reports in your teacher dashboard to check who has and has not completed assignments.

Make your own quizzes to target child centered learning objectives

BrainPOP’s Quiz mixer allows teachers to build unique and personalised assessments that are targeted at the student's needs and understanding (or even language!). Quizzes can be banked and assigned as and when the student is ready.

Playful self paced learning!

Learning games are wonderful self paced activities where students can work in individually, in pairs or groups, to work through a game. Students can use the Snapthought button to capture their progress as a "diary" of their learning.

Long term self paced learning

Make a Map and Make a Movie are extension features that students can 'own' and build up over time, as their knowledge and understanding improves. Start the map/movie in week 1 and by week 6 it should be fleshed out and more detailed.