BrainPOP Jr. - Let's talk about Annie's Notebook

Annies Notepad

One of the most important (and beloved) features on BrainPOP Jr. is Annie's Notebook.

You'll see Annie's Notebook to the right of every movie in BrainPOP Jr. It looks like a simple teaching mechanic but it has several benefits.

BrainPOP Jr - Annies notebook.gif

It displays the questions Annie asks in the movie

Not only displays them, but at important moments in the movie. Use these questions to prompt discussion or gauge understanding.

Annie notebook - printed.jpg

Print questions in advance to scaffold learning

Hit the print button underneath the Notebook to print a PDF file of all the questions from the movie. You can use this as a summation/Q&A sheet for pupils, or just as an aide memoir for your lesson.

Annies notebook - red button to puase.gif

Don't forget to perfect the pause!

The 'Pause' button flashes red whenever Annie starts to write in her notebook. This is an indicator to you, the teacher, that this could be a great moment to stop and reflect.

But of course one of the main reasons Annie has a notebook is to promote and value the work of note taking to your students.

They see Annie writing her questions on a standard issue lined notepad - something all your pupils will recognise - in a legible hand written font.

If Annie's doing it, everyone can try to do it.

If you regularly draw children's attention to Annie's notepad you are encouraging them to join Annie in taking notes, recording ideas, and perhaps most importantly, not being afraid to ask questions.


The power of the Quiz Mixer

BrainPOP quiz mixer

Have you ever wanted to make your OWN interactive BrainPOP quizzes?

Quizzes that are 100% personalised for a child's needs, or unique to a lesson, or using your own images?

You can with our very own Quiz Mixer tool. Teachers with My BrainPOP accounts can create, re-mix, and share their own BrainPOP style quizzes, polls, and surveys.

The quiz mixer

The Quiz Mixer allows you to:

  • Search and modify BrainPOP’s questions
  • Create your own multiple choice and open ended questions
  • Publish and share or assign with your students
  • Import and edit from thousands of questions generated across the BrainPOP community

Stuck for inspiration?

Here's some ideas that might spark some creativity...

A quiz that explores local history
Next time you're out and about snap some photos of local landmarks to add to a local history quiz, or ask a local history society or museum to donate some primary sources and questions. Maybe focus on a particular period, like Anglo Saxon or Roman.

A quiz in another language
There's nothing stopping you writing questions and answers in any language you like.

Pre-test quizzes
It's common to send home weekly spelling or maths rote practice homework, especially around SATs time. But why bother with paper? Use the Quiz Mixer to create sets of 20 practice questions and assign them to your class. Not only can they do the quiz online (and save your printing costs) their results are submitted to you, to view per pupil or as a whole class comparison. PS: Save them and use them again year after year!

Online Safety survey
Use open ended questions to build a poll to understand which social media tools children use or know about. Also poll the class on their knowledge of age restrictions, privacy concerns, copyright, online bullying statistics, etc. The idea isn't to get correct answers but stimulate debate, open eyes, and disabuse misconceptions.

Quizzes for differentiation
You can easily make multiple versions of the same quiz. Simply create a quiz, duplicate it, and adjust the language and questions accordingly. This could be very useful for targeted assessment, remediation, or 'drill style' practice. Also consider students who have English as a second language - you can prep a quiz that uses simpler language but achieves the same test outcome.

Still stuck?
Search the BrainPOP community database to tap into thousands of teacher made quizzes. One's bound to leap out and grab your attention!

Don't forget to tag your quizzes and make them public. There could be a teacher on the other side of the world that might appreciate your work.