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Volcanoes on BrainPOP

Kilauea on the island of Hawaii is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It recently explosively erupted, creating an ash plume that can be seen from the International Space Station.

It's Mother Nature at her most destructive, but also her most creative as you'll see in our Volcano topic on BrainPOP and Fast Land Changes topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Let's take a look at BrainPOP Jr. (ages 5-9)

In this topic pupils can watch a short animated movie that answers these questions:

  • What is an earthquake?

  • What is a volcano?

  • What is a flood?

  • What is a wildfire?

Annie discusses the effects and consequences of natural disasters, but also reflects on the idea that they can refresh the environment, like Volcanoes bringing rich soil, which is good for growing crops.

There's an easy and hard quiz to provide assessment, and a great writing stimulus called 'How can volcanoes change land?'.

Volcano writing assignment - BrainPOP Jr

Now let's focus on Volcanoes on BrainPOP (ages 9+)

Volcanoes on BrainPOP

The 5 minute animated movie about volcanoes explores tectonic plates, how volcanoes are formed, where they appear, and how they contribute to the planet's ecosystem.

More volcano resources

1) Time Zone X 'Volcanoes'- A fantastic time line game where students place historical volcano related facts on a timeline.

2) A Cause and Effect graphic organiser, where students are asked to describe a natural disaster and it effect on the environment.

3) A creative coding project where your class can create a stop motion animation about volcanoes.

4) A Newsela article about scientists planning an explosive study of Mount St Helens (they're literally going to be setting off explosions).

And much more on the topic page.

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