My teachers love BrainPOP for its refreshing humor, variety, and layered instruction. They greatly appreciate the intense focus on a specific topic in a concise time rather than a broad brush stroke. The variety of supporting materials also provides them with additional ways to connect to the concept.
— Dr. Nicole Yemothy, Technology Integration Coordinator

Introduce, engage, & master curriculum topics

Award winning, online resources shaped by millions of hours of use by students and teachers in diverse learning settings.

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Helping students understand their world

Short topic based animations will motivate your class, and high quality interactive learning games and activities will help your students master curriculum concepts.


Focus on teachers

Supporting teachers’ roles and needs with classroom-optimised tools, allowing for differentiation, targeted pupil support, and ‘pre- learning'

Watch our 'Plate Tectonics' movie, from our popular Earth Systems category.

BrainPOP has a great catalogue of materials that are tied directly to classroom content and they are presented in such a way that they are easily accessible by whichever age range you need ... the students LOVE it. They love the interaction. They love the activities. Teachers love the organization and how it’s tied to standards.
— Matt Harris, Deputy Head of School for Learning Technology

Real time assessment and tracking

A suite of features that includes individual dashboards for students and teachers, and lets you customise assessments, encourage meaningful reflection, and keep track of learning.

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Students as creators

Concept mapping, Movie Making, and Creative Coding.

Use BrainPOP new suite of interactive tools and features to extend and deepen understanding.

Quality Learning Games

You’ve probably seen first-hand how absorbing digital games can be for young minds. What if you could re-create that level of engagement in the classroom?

Our topic based educational games add a new way to captivate students and help them learn in a manner that’s meaningful for them.

  • Motivate and provide goals
  • Encourage participation
  • Foster creative, interactive problem-solving
  • Strengthen critical and systems thinking
  • Pose adaptive challenges
  • Spark inquiry
  • Require very little prep by busy teachers

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Mapped to curriculum

BrainPOP is mapped to the national curriculum for England & Wales, Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence, and US State standards and Common Core

BrainPOP Assignments

Target learning to the learner

Assign and combine (almost) anything in BrainPOP to a one or more students in your class.

Let's talk tech

BrainPOP has been designed from the ground up to be fully mobile ready. We don't care what devices you use, we only care that you can deliver learning anywhere at anytime.

Are you a Google school? You can integrate your BrainPOP subscription for single sign-on through G Suite for Education!

Google Marketplace apps are available for both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.  The apps offer convenient single sign-on and My BrainPOP account provisioning.