About the retirement of the BrainPOP UK resources


Are you looking for the BrainPOP UK (www.brainpop.co.uk) videos and quizzes?

Due to browsers removing their support for Flash and the security concerns around the Flash plugin, the BrainPOP.co.uk resources have been taken offline. The site you are on now is designed to be a support site for our current and future customers.

We informed all our home and school customers throughout 2017 about this product change and advised everyone to move to BrainPOP.com with immediate effect. If you did not receive our communications or would like to know more please get in touch.

If you are an existing customer you already have access to BrainPOP.com so please simply log in to www.brainpop.com with your normal username and password.

  • There's lots of support on our Educators site that will help you learn all about the new tools and facilities
  • BrainPOP.com has been mapped to the UK national curricula, and the Curriculum Mapping tool can be found on our Educators site

We are here to support you as you manage the change. We hope the range of exciting new features you and your team now have access to will ease the shift from BrainPOP.co.uk to BrainPOP.com.

The following documents and links may prove helpful: