Lesson Idea: Sign up for the war effort!

World War 1 posters.jpg

Humanities Lesson Plan: Sign up for the war effort!

In this lesson plan students will use BrainPOP and other resources to create a poster and slogan to recruit their classmates for the World War I war effort.


  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Internet and BrainPOP access
  • Poster paper, pens, etc


  • Review the World War I movie
  • Review the Public Speaking movie

Lesson objectives:

  • In groups, come up with a slogan to encourage men to sign up and help the war effort.
  • Create a propaganda poster and include your slogan.
  • Make a presentation to the rest of the class where you make a persuasive argument to young men to sign up and fight.

Lesson Procedure:

  1. Play the World War I movie to the whole class.
  2. Facilitate a short whole-class discussion around why young men might (and might not) want to fight in the war, and what could persuade them to sign up.
  3. Split the class into small groups.
  4. Ask each group to come up with a motivational slogan, design a poster, and write and practice their presentations.
  5. Bring the class back into focus by playing the BrainPOP movie on Public Speaking from about halfway through to cover the most relevant points for the second half of the lesson. The idea is to refresh their memory on public speaking techniques and skills.
  6. At the front of class invite each group to present their posters and slogans to the other groups.

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