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BrainPOP is a trusted learning resource covering all core subjects, reaching thousands of schools around the globe.

  • BrainPOP Jr. (ages 4-9), BrainPOP (ages 7-16), and BrainPOP ELL (English as a second language learners) are award winning, online resources shaped by millions of hours of use by students and teachers in diverse learning settings

  • Short topic based animations will motivate your class, and high quality interactive learning games and activities will help your students master curriculum concepts

  • Flexible teacher tools allow endless possibilities for differentiation and targeted student support

  • Blended assessment, tracking, and feedback tools give you the right data to show progress and understanding

For primary classrooms

Gently encourages young learners

Helping your pupils explore the world around them with beautifully animated movies and interactive features that cover everything from tally charts to short vowels to food groups.

Perfect for:

  • Children aged 5-9

  • Key vocabulary and core knowledge

  • Differentiated assessment

  • Whole class curriculum engagement

  • Introducing computers and using digital

For secondary classrooms

Introduce, engage, & master curriculum topics!

800+ short (but super engaging) animated movies, content creation and reflection tools paired with challenging, multi-dimensional tasks and games that call upon systems thinking and cognitive skills.

Perfect for:

  • Children aged 9-15 in all subjects

  • Motivating and challenging students to demonstrate comprehension

  • Inspiring confident and independent learners

  • Knowledge retention, research, and project based learning

  • Delivering better curriculum engagement

For English language learning

A comprehensive English language learning program that uses highly engaging animated movies to model conversational English while seamlessly introducing grammar concepts and vocabulary words.

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Add :-) to your lessons

Kick start learning with animated resources
that explain complex concepts

Very rarely does a website actually completely fulfil my criteria as a teacher; but I am excited to say that BrainPOP has managed to be both educational and entertaining at the same time!
— Vickie Bacon, Head of Enrichment

Student Engagement

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Love learning

Grab your students imaginations, increase their curiosity, and improve knowledge retention.

For International classrooms

Going global

BrainPOP is used in International schools across the world.

Educational Benefits

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See why BrainPOP can make a big difference in your school.

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