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Unlimited Users

24/7 access

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Assess & Track activity

Concept introduction resources
Concept introduction resources

Topic based animated movies
and interactive quizzes


100+ best in class educational games
add a new way to captivate students

  Extension Activities
Extension Activities

Non-fiction texts, Graphic Organisers,
Vocab lists, Worksheets, and more

  Concept engagement features
Concept engagement features

Interactive Challenges, Science simulations,
Primary Sources

  Make a Map
Make a Map*

Innovative concept mapping tool that lets
students create concept maps

  Make a Movie
Make a Movie

Empowers teachers and students to make
their own BrainPOP-style movies.

  Quiz Mixer
Quiz Mixer

Make your own BrainPOP-style quizzes,
polls, and surveys

  Assignment Builder
Assignment Builder

Assign activities to classes or individuals,
and monitor completion and scores

  Track Student activity,
scores, and outcomes
Track Student activity, scores,
and outcomes

Student and Teacher dashboards

  Creative Coding projects
Creative Coding projects**

Cross-curricular, topic-level projects
to support your computing curriculum

Google Suite for Education Single Sign On
Google Suite for Education
Single Sign On

Use your school's G Suite to create classes
and provide single sign on


* Users on Classroom and Shared licences cannot assign or save work, but Maps created in Make a Map can be printed.

** Creative Coding is an optional add on and is sold separately to your main subscription. If you would like to try it out, or request a quote, simply get in touch. You must have My BrainPOP individual accounts enabled on your subscription.

  • Licences can be easily upgraded at any point in a subscription, or at renewal. Upgrading from a Whole School Shared Licence to a Whole School My BrainPOP licence is free. Upgrading from a Classroom licence to a Whole School licence will be charged at a pro rata rate.

  • All licences can be used at home at home at no extra cost, though any licence restrictions will still apply.