Learning at home with BrainPOP

BrainPOP can be an extraordinary resource for home learning and home schooling

Tim and Moby's adventures have been enjoyed by thousands of families across the world since 1999.

Safer than Youtube, more engaging than a textbook, and easier to use than Wikipedia.

Our curriculum mapped animated movies, quizzes, educational games, and activities on both website and mobile support children at all stages of learning.

Costing less than a couple of family trips to the cinema, BrainPOP is a digital learning service that will boost your children's knowledge and give them the head start they deserve.

  • BrainPOP Jr. for children aged 5-9

  • BrainPOP for children aged 9-16

  • BrainPOP ELL for children learning English

  • Short animated movies will help your children understand concepts in Literacy, Maths, Science, Humanities, and much more

  • Safe, secure, and approved by teachers

  • Perfect for homework, projects, and test preparation

Issues are not skirted around, but are dealt with sensitively and in an age appropriate manner. I would not worry about her accessing this site without me being in the same room. Safe surfing!
— S Newman, Parent

Example movie from BrainPOP - Plate Tectonics

No ads, no funny business

Kids can be left to browse any BrainPOP website or app and you can rest assured what they're exploring is high quality, accurate, and educational.

Where kids go to get their questions answered

You don't need to know everything! It's like having an expert on hand 24/7 :-)

Helps your kids become independent learners, leading to increased confidence and better results.

Extensive curriculum coverage

All subjects covered so there's never a lack of things to explore.

BrainPOP provides content for kids of all types. Use BrainPOP to make a dry or challenging subject sparkle. Ever wondered how you could make something like 'Standard and Scientific notation accessible and entertaining? We got you.

The things she has learned from BrainPOP are better than any other program I have purchased (paid for and free)
— G Wilson, proud Dad of a smart daughter

Subscribing to BrainPOP products

There are 2 licence options for families:

  1. 'Home - Family' - this licence opens up all the content (quizzes, movies, etc). Perfect if you simply want to use BrainPOP as a type of interactive encyclopedia, for your children to browse for research and interest.

  2. 'Homeschool - Home Access' - this licence does all the above PLUS it comes with My BrainPOP for up to 3 users, and extra features allowing assessment, feedback, and content creation.

Which licence is right for my family?

The 'Homeschool - Home Access' is the 'fully featured' licence. It's designed for families that home educate, who perhaps have a formal learning routine and curriculum in place.

It comes with the ability to make individual accounts - one for you (as teacher) and one each for your kids (students) that allows you to assign work, see results, and track their activity.

Your 'students' will be able to create and save their work because they will have access to tools like concept mapping, movie making, and creative coding.

But if you only really want the movies, quizzes, and worksheets then the 'Home - Family' licence is the one you should choose.

You just need to buy the licence that fits your needs and budget.

How much does it cost?

Cost of each depends on how many BrainPOP products you want to buy and your payment plan, but for just BrainPOP.com as an example:

  • 'Home - Family' = $10.95 (about £8) per month, or $115 (about £84) for the Yearly Payment Plan

  • 'Homeschool - Home Access' = $23.95 (about £17) per month, or $240 (about £174) for the Yearly Payment Plan

BrainPOP products are fully mobile ready, but if you subscribe you can download one of our apps (search the app store for "brainpop") and sign in there too.

If your child attends school please check if they already have a licence for BrainPOP - access extends to home use!

To subscribe go to our secure online store and choose your licence type, then product(s), then payment plan, then set up your account. You can pay by card when complete.