We’ve seen a real difference in terms of how children engage with their learning and particularly in them wanting to explore and learn more. I personally don’t think there is anything better to encourage fun, substantial and real learning.
— Sarah Wright, Senior Lecturer in Primary Education

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A Universe of learning

We believe BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. have been enjoyed by many thousands of primary age children around the world for over 20 years because it nurtures kids’ intrinsic curiosity and wonder.


Children are full of questions, which is how we like it!

Super simple and engaging to use, BrainPOP's learning content allows your class to independently study curriculum concepts in a safe and structured way across a full range of subject areas.

(Take a look at Fast land changes topic on BrainPOP Jr.)


We help you make the complex... simple

Our popular animated movies offer a powerful way to express the most relevant information about curriculum topics.

That moment of sudden understanding - a “brain pop” - is how the company got its name!

(Take a look at Maya Civilization on BrainPOP)


An endless variety of instruction

We offer you a huge range of ways to engage with a topic, from learning games to coding tools to concept mapping, all of which allows you to offer a more rich and balanced curriculum.

We also provide a suite of assessment options, which makes it easier for you to manage your pupils' learning outcomes.

(Take a look at coding on BrainPOP)

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The BrainPOP family

Many of our primary and elementary customers reap the benefits using both BrainPOP Jr. + BrainPOP at school and home*.

*And we really make it easy. There's no extra or hidden cost for your pupils to use BrainPOP at home.


BrainPOP Jr.

A safe way for young children to learn

The beautifully animated movies and interactive features on BrainPOP Jr. cover everything from tally charts to short vowels to food groups.

Extremely versatile, BrainPOP Jr. develops confident and independent learners.


Develop higher level thinking skills

Introduce, engage, & master curriculum topics with movie making, concept mapping, creative coding, and reflection tools.

Spark deeper thinking and creative construction around our content.

Everytime I present at conferences and have a chance to talk about BrainPOP, I guess I am always preaching the gospel of it. I always talk about how it will change your life and how much of a blessing it is to teachers. It truly makes an impact in they way you teach your kids.
— Bradford Harris, Instructional Technology Specialist at Eckert Intermediate school


The learning journey

Using their individual accounts a child's BrainPOP activity can be captured from their first click to their last. 6 years of rich learning history!

Year group transitions

Before the start of a new academic year, teachers can easily look back through incoming pupils' BrainPOP dashboard - maps and movies made, scores achieved, feedback given, and so on. Seek out areas of interest, what enthused them, and where they need work.

Know the value of BrainPOP

The My BrainPOP Admin dashboard records use across the school - login counts, popular movies, class management, etc. You can even check which teachers are the most prolific users and ask them to train others!


BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. are special because they present content in a clear, easy to understand way with a dash of humour. Students can easily get a head start on content and skills to be learned.
— Wayne Burnett, Deputy Head

Here's a few teaching ideas for your classroom

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Energise a lesson!

BrainPOP is a great way to introduce a new topic or concept. Use the movies to engage your students with active viewing! Pause when a new vocabulary word pops up, or have students paraphrase what happened, make a prediction or connect what they just saw to their own experience.

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Make a Map

Ask children to start a map when you introduce a new topic, and to build and improve on it over time.

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Read all about it!

The breadth and depth of topics in BrainPOP can help address the questions kids ask about what they see, hear and read about in the news.

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Take note

BrainPOP movies are just the right length to use for improving note-taking skills. Encourage students to put the movie’s main concepts into their own words or summarise the main ideas. Use subtitles to support struggling readers and writers.

Quiz Mixer

Make your own quizzes

Teachers can make (and assign) their own quizzes, polls, and surveys using our 'Quiz Mixer' tool. They can be assigned to individuals or whole classes, and results are submitted to the teacher.

The opportunities are endless!

Mapped to the curriculum

BrainPOP is mapped to the standards for:

National curriculum for England & Wales

Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence

Australian National Curriculum

US State standards and Common Core

Canadian Provincial curricula

Chile, Mexico, México Nuevo Plan, and Colombian curriculum

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Assignment builder

The 'Assignment builder' tool allows you to allocate one or more BrainPOP resources to a whole class or single student. Perfect to support specific needs, for homework, projects, remediation, or 'catch up' material for previously absent pupils.

I would have no hesitation in recommending BrainPOP to other teachers – it has been a great addition to the resources we use in school and never fails to engage the children.
— David Mordue, KS2 Leader, Lanchester School