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How it works

We typically open discussion about renewal 60 days before expiry, but you are welcome to get in touch at any point.

As part of the renewal process we will send all the price and product details to our main contact at a school, so you should be well informed before you make your decision.

When you are ready to renew simply fill out the form above and we'll be in touch to clarify any details and explain the next steps. It's important that you don't lose access while the paperwork is being organised, so please do make sure you talk to us.

What happens if you don't want to renew?

We'll be very sad to see you go but if this is the case then simply let us know you won't be renewing. If you could let us know why that would be very helpful too.

Buying together

We regularly organise deals where 2 or more schools buy together. As an existing customer, you could lower your renewal cost and save budget if you combine your order with a friendly school (or two).

For example, maybe you are a secondary school with half a dozen feeder primaries and you want BrainPOP access to support KS2 to KS3 transition. Or you're a school in a Multi Academy Trust and you want to standardise your educational technology for the whole group.

Or you simply have a good relationship with a school down the road!

It's literally the more the merrier.

So if YOU want to renew and THEY want to subscribe too, we can bring the cost down for all parties.