Order together, get discount


Times are tight. Schools are feeling the squeeze on their budgets.

We're as aware of this as you are. So we want to make your life easier.

Save budget by inviting a friendly school to order BrainPOP with you.

We work with federations, Multi Academy Trusts, international school councils, clusters, independent school associations and many other types of educational groups.

If you collaborate with one or more schools and combine your orders then everyone can save money.

The more schools you bring together the more everybody saves.

Your partner schools don't have to be local, order the same BrainPOP resources, or in the same phase. They don't even have to be in the same Trust or Association as you.

For example...

  • Two primary school Head teachers were old friends and chatting at a conference they discovered they were trialling BrainPOP at the same time! They let us know, we combined their orders, and both schools saved money.
  • On Twitter several Australian teachers asked us about prices on the same day (coincidentally - they were hundreds of miles apart!). We asked them if they'd like to order together to get a discount, we connected them to each other, they discussed, then ordered together. And they've been happy customers ever since. All on Twitter.
  • A successful Multi Academy Trust in London wanted to implement a unified ICT approach across all their schools, to create efficiencies and reduce the cost of training.

This is simply a procurement arrangement. Your school will always be treated individually.

  • If your partner school(s) have not tried BrainPOP, we can organise a trial for them
  • Invoices can be issued separately, or centralised into one invoice.
  • Each school will retain their own unique subscription, start/end date, licence, and access details.
  • This offer is open to new and exisiting customers.

Get in touch today to find out how it works and what you could save.