BrainPOP’s a truly unique resource that’s clear, concise, and heaps of fun. I think it’s a brilliant classroom tool for engaging kids, and encourage our staff to use it whenever possible.
— Ian Pittman,Head of Digital Learning & Innovation, International School @ Park City

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Introduce, engage, & master curriculum topics

With an emphasis on development of high-level thinking skills, your students will use BrainPOP to spark deeper understanding and creative construction around our content.

Teaching ideas for Secondary classrooms


Careers of the future

Human/robot interaction specialist? Organ designer? Galactic architect?

In this STEM lesson plan students will analyse a slideshow of the 10 best careers of the future, use BrainPOP and other internet resources to research one of these careers, or design their own career based upon the most pressing 21st century needs.

Energy skate park

Simulating potential & kinetic energy

Get gnarly with this interactive energy simulation understand the relationships between stored energy and the energy of motion.

Worl war 1 gas masks.jpg

Sign up to the War effort!

Your country needs YOU!

Investigate World War I, then create motivational posters and slogans in this Humanities lesson.

Float like a butterfly...

...Sting like a bee

Explore the life of boxing champ Muhammad Ali, one of the most iconic athletes of the 20th century. After exploring Ali’s story, students will write a freestyle poem honoring this boxing champ and activist.

My class are loving BrainPOP, an amazing world of information! It’s just a brilliant, brilliant resource.
— Hugh Meenagh, ICT Co-ordinator/Y7 Teacher