Professional Development that works for you

BrainPOP Professional Development is everything you’ve come to expect from our offerings: engaging, applicable, and fun!

No two teachers, classrooms, or schools are the same, which is why we provide multiple types of training and professional development opportunities.

Whether you're looking to increase your use of BrainPOP, improve teaching and learning strategies, or simply get your money's worth, there's training to suit you (and your schedule).

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Certified BrainPOP Educator Program

Our flagship professional development certification course recognises teachers who demonstrate a mastery of our resources and notable creativity when using them to help students learn.

Learn about BrainPOP’s latest and greatest features through hands-on exploration and modeling via large-group, small-group, and partner activities.

Get exclusive access to a global community of fellow certified educators, be the first to know about new developments at BrainPOP, beta test new features, and weigh in on everything from pipeline projects to new features.

And don't forget the free BrainPOP swag, custom illustrated avatars, digital badges, and more!

How does it work?

Over 1000 teachers from around the world have certified. It's a 4 week online course, and it's free to apply, but there are limited spaces so if you're interested apply now!

Does it have real world impact?

We studied 295 educators to determine if participation in our CBE program led to extended, more meaningful BrainPOP usage and best practices to drive student engagement. We saw:

  • A shift towards more student-centered learning opportunities

  • An intent to shift to more progressive, student-centered teaching models when using BrainPOP

  • Greater comfort in teaching complex or sensitive topics utilising our resources

  • Increased likeliness to include collaborative practices and student-guided group learning

  • Extended differentiation and assessment through various features

  • Appreciation for our diverse assessment tools — both playful and formal — for use before and after teaching a topic

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BrainPOP 101

Prefer to work at your own pace? Try BrainPOP 101, an online course that uses BrainPOP's very own resources!

If you prefer a self paced training experience or are new to BrainPOP then BrainPOP 101 will be a great fit for you.

It's something that all staff can do to bring everyone up to speed on the range and application of BrainPOP tools and features.

It's a free introductory course for BrainPOP teachers. You'll explore each key feature and see how they can make an impact in your classroom.

PS: You need to have your own individual Teacher login. If you don't have one, then get in touch with us. There's no cost, but we do need your consent to set it up.

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Training resources

Just exploring? Our Educators site hosts a huge range of training, workshop, and professional development materials.

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We run free public webinars regularly throughout the academic year on a range of subjects from BrainPOP basics to STEM teaching to assessment.

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Lead a Workshop

Presenting a professional development workshop at your school? Use our outlines to present BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. They'll guide you through the key points and features to introduce BrainPOP and all that we have to offer.

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Our official educational chat structured around open-ended guiding questions published on Twitter, so there’s easy entry points for sharing and getting ideas.

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Training video library

Our instructive screencasts illustrate how to complete tasks such as setting up a class for My BrainPOP, navigate through BrainPOP Educators or get started playing a GameUp game with your students!