BrainPOP for everyone

A few of the features available to whole school accounts, including Make a Map, quiz mixer, creative coding, and assignments

Upgrade your account today to open up a whole new world of learning

  • Remove the user limit - unlimited users and 24/7 access. Staff and students can use BrainPOP in the library, the computer room, science lab, and your classroom all at the same time

  • Use BrainPOP at home - assign BrainPOP materials for homework, remediation, and as a safe, engaging research tool

  • Unlock popular features like Make a Map, Make a Movie, Quiz Mixer, and Coding projects - get your children to make an empowering jump from discovery to creation

  • Track and feedback on your students activity in BrainPOP for the first time - create classes, see results, and encourage progress

Check out our licence comparison chart to see the difference between your Classroom licence and a Whole school licence.

How to try BrainPOP with the brakes off!

We want you to experience BrainPOP as a student with all the features switched on.

  1. Login with the new student username and password we sent you. It will last 30 days from date of issue.

  2. Register to the special ‘Whole School Experience’ evaluation class (use the class code provided in your email - see screenshot below).

Creating the student experience on BrainPOP

And that’s it! Go ahead and try everything in BrainPOP.

You’ll see a new link at the top of BrainPOP called ‘My BrainPOP’. Once you’ve started browsing around you’ll start to see your activity get captured in your new ‘timeline’.

We’ve also set you an assignment! This is our recommend learning journey through all the key resources as if you were a real student in our class. You don’t have to follow the assignment but Moby will remind you each time you log in!

We’ll be back in touch soon to see how you’re getting on.

What about a teacher account? What’s the difference between a teacher account and a student account?

  • Teachers logged in with their own account are able to run their own classes, make Quizzes, and assign anything on BrainPOP.

  • You’ll also have one central spot where you can go for information on your students’ strengths, weaknesses, and questions in reference to their BrainPOP curriculum.

  • Teachers with Admin privileges can view school usage data, create individual accounts in bulk, integrate with single sign on tools like Google Classroom, and more.

Basically, you get everything that a child gets, PLUS a whole range of educator only tools and features.

Sorry, but we can’t issue test Teacher accounts at this stage due to data privacy regulations.

What do we do if we want to upgrade to a whole school licence? How much does it cost?

Once we have your official confirmation that you want to upgrade we can turn on whole school access almost immediately.

(Some features require signing and returning a data consent form, but we can discuss that at the time).

Every school account is different so we will issue you a quote on request.

If you want a quote just reply to any of our emails or get in touch at

Equally, if you’d like a screenshare to take a look at the key features with an expert BrainPOPer just ask for a web demo and we’ll book you in.

We will take into account any payment your school may have already made.

Ready to upgrade? Email your account manager Richard today.